Meth addiction

Because Methamphetamine dependency has now got out of control with more and more people becoming addicted to it, in an attempt to combat the problem specialises treatment clinics are beginning to open up almost on a weekly basis. The advantage of a specialised treatment clinic that works only with meth addicts is they are fully staffed with experienced trained medical staff that has unique experience with working with all the challenges of meth addiction. Specialised staff in meth recovery and can assist recovering meth addicts to the transition from addict to sober without the usual hitches that meth treatment can have.

All experienced meth treatment facilities will have a slightly different treatment method but at the heart of their program should be a complete meth detoxification module. 

For a long term meth abuse detoxification from the substance is the key to long-term recovery

So clearly, a well-executed drug detoxification should be first step that should be taken by every client wishing to get free from the dug.

This step is should always be done with medical doctor on hand who also has some track record in dealing with meth addiction.

Because an addict's physical body is in need of drug they may find it as a hard to get through the initial withdrawals. The withdrawals from meth are real and give have a wide range of physical and mental phenomena including:

·       Depression

·       Violent behaviour

·       Anxiety

A person who has been on meth amphetamines for any length of time is usually deficient in vital body nutrients. Prior to doing a detox and after the first stage withdrawals have successfully been completed it is necessary to get the recovering addict into a better physical shape with a nutritional diet and light aerobic exercises. This stage should last no longer than a week or two after which the addict should be feeling much better and strong enough to enter the detox stage of their treatment plan.

The Detox stage for a methamphetamine dependent will usually last for up to 18 days - although everyone is different and time may vary.


After the detoxification module is safely over the next module on the path to recovery is the therapy. In this module, the client will be required to spend time in the company of other recovering addicts going through the same recovery treatment program.

Group therapies sessions aid the recovering addict to assist and identify with other former addicts and together they are able to learn from each other how to overcome stresses and develop skills to help them stay sober once they leave the safe haven of the rehab facilities.

In some meth treatment clinics encourage clients to take part in a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, horse riding etc. These outdoor activities are designed to help recovering addicts them lead a more active lifestyle once their program is over and they return back to their homes.

The time period of a Meth rehab program can vary tremendously from facility to facility, some clinics offer only a 28-day treatment program and the more expensive programs can last up to ten months at a time. 


A good quality and reputable program will work closely with the recovering addict and will do their best to take the required steps deliver a successful treatment program with the view of the client being able to reach and maintain a drug free life for good. However, with that said anyone looking to enter a rehab facility for drug or alcohol addiction treatment should of course do their own research and due diligence checks into ant rehab they may be considering entering