Alcohol and drug detox-why?

Only those who have experienced drug or alcohol dependency will understand how addictive some drugs can be, and equally only those who were addicted to drugs will ever understand how gross the withdrawals can be. Sadly once you have been through the withdrawals and came out still feeling sane you then realise the struggle for freedom is far from over.

There is a new battle to be fought and one that can’t be won over night, “the battle to stay clean and not revert back to old habits”

Some experts reckon the major cause of relapse is down to the fact that the physical cravings for drugs or alcohol can go on long after the withdrawal period has finished.

Narconon drug rehabilitation services is a world renown drug and alcohol rehab that  has worked with thousands of substance abusers from all over the world, their success in reverting the tide of drug addiction is based on a complete drug or alcohol detoxification.

The prime reason for this drug and alcohol detox is to remove harmful toxins in the form of metabolites that might have accumulated over constantan drug or alcohol use.

Narconon have proven that  removing toxins from the body via a process called the “New Life Sauna Detox” will  give a recovering addict the greatest possible chance to staying clean and free from drugs or alcohol from the rest of their lives.  

The first step before commencing an alcohol or drug detoxification program is a drug or alcohol withdrawal.

Once a medium - long term drug or alcohol addict has stopped using drugs or drinking, real physical withdrawal symptoms are more than likely going to follow within a short period of time - usually within 24 hours. The how long and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms can vary according to what drugs were taken, how much, and how regular were taken and also how they were administered (injected, snorted, smoked or ingested).

Now days there are not many addicts who use only one drug exclusively. Most are poly-drug users. Drug and alcohol rehabs all over the world are witnessing clients that used alcohol and cocaine, speed and crack or alcohol and prescription drugs purchased over the internet.

With the above in mind, it is not difficult to understand why any drug or alcohol  rehabilitation facility will without question become  infinitely more successful once a comprehensive drug or alcohol  detoxification part of a recovery programme. As a general rule of thumb, an alcohol or drug detox must started directly after a recovering addict has passed through the withdrawal stage their treatment program.

It is thought that drug residuals can stay in one’s body and be the major instigator of drug or alcohol cravings that persecute former addicts for many years after drink or drug use has long ceased.

Drug  and alcohol; detoxification  when done correctly will eliminate or reduce the craving for drugs or drink permitting the recovering  addict to effectively move on with their lives without constantly thinking about drugs or alcohol.