Crack cocaine addiction

Over the last twenty years or so Crack cocaine addiction has turned in to a major problem in the Western world. Unlike other forms of substance abuse such as alcohol, heroin etc. Crack has no medication that can help an addict make a transition to a sober life. Subsequently, governments worldwide are investing millions of public funding in crack rehabilitation treatment centres.

Unlike traditional medical drug treatments that are designed to replace illegal narcotics with prescribed synthetic substitutes, sometimes referred to as “drug or alcohol maintenance programs” drug rehabilitation centres are aimed at ending the addiction for good and return the one time addict back to his or her environment drug free and able to live a sober life for good.

But how successful are they?

Nobody really knows the success rate of any given drug rehab centre because very few boast about their overall statistics. There literature usually states something like “96% retention rate” but retention rate is not success rate, true success rate can only  be measured by “what percentage of their previous clients are still drug free after an extended period of time - minimum 3 years”?   

Of course there will always be difficulties trying to keep an accurate figure of a true success rate for various reasons.

For example most clients of a drug rehab don’t want to linger in their murky past and want to move on with their lives and have little to do with the facility they rehabilitated at, once they completed their treatment.

Then there is general transiency, do any of us know where we will be in 3 years’ time, a rehab can’t collate figures from former clients if they can’t find them.

Then there are those that did relapse and went back to the bottle, hash, or smack. What percentage of them would ever admit to relapsing?

In the UK and Sweden where they have a National Health System medical treatment is free and patients are monitored on a national computer data bases, from the cradle to the grave, the figures are a lot more accurate. The UK national health estimate based on their statistics that only 20% of all patients that entered a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre will be drug or alcohol free 3 years later. 

These figures are not very encouraging when one takes into account that it can take as little as one week to make a crack addict and as many as 10 months treatment in a rehab to try and reverse the situation and only have a 20% success rate.

The truth is that traditional drug addiction treatment, despite its urgent need and a vast abundance of people queuing at the doors of rehabs is not very successful.

There is one rehab facility that breaks the mould of addiction treatment and has at its heart a sauna detox that is said to eliminate the drug residuals that build up and remain in the body after taking drugs or alcohol for any length of time, hence eliminating all cravings for drugs or alcohol, once and for.


The narconon program is not only unique in its treatment approach but narconon state “that there success rate is the highest in the industry”.