Alcohol addiction- the dangers

It’s hard to ignore the warnings about overdoing it with alcohol and it’s hard for those who don’t heed the warnings to escape some adverse health experiences and other negative consequences. Not only does alcohol, in general, impair judgment and lead to major mistakes on the road and in homes; it wreaks havoc on the body in a myriad of ways. Consider some of the ill-effects of tying it on too much and too often. They are explained under some of the common terms that tend to mean getting too tipsy with alcohol.


Three Sheets in the Wind – This usually means the person is so full of alcohol that they are not able to walk steadily.  It could be because of shifty eyes and hallucinations, two things that sometimes accompany drinking excessive alcohol.  And then there’s that coordination thing – which is why many cops used to ask people suspected of being buzzed to walk a straight line.


Under the Table – When a person is so drunk that they can’t stand or sit up; they may be seen slumping and falling under the table. Literally. This is no better than the damage that over drinking can cause to the stomach. When one drinks too much, the stomach starts to become irritated and the proper stomach juices go into overdrive – as a result, the stomach reaches a point where it can no longer absorb the vital nutrients and vitamins from food. We’re talking malnutrition, the skinny skeleton and more adverse results. In a sense, those that continue damaging the stomach with alcohol might as well be under the table instead of at it – since the foods they consume won’t do them much good.


Drunk as a Fiddler – Fiddlers, or violinists can’t play music well if they are unable to focus. The music they make will sound very different if they are inebriated. To put it bluntly, alcohol damages the brain in a myriad of ways that make regular functions and activities a challenge for the partaker. For example, information travels slower to other body parts; the memory is impaired and could be loss; depression; seizures and more negative things can happen to the brain that is exposed to alcohol.

In addition, the brain cells themselves are reduced by excessive alcohol consumption. On the far end of the spectrum is the possibility of coma and death.


Half Seas Over – A navy man full of alcohol is likely to stagger and lurch around enough to fall overboard. That can be deadly. So can a heart that doesn’t contract well, that is weakened and that sags and stretches. This is because such hearts can’t function optimally. Drinking too much can produce this outcome, and even cause the heart to beat irregularly. Strokes, high blood pressure and more assaults to the heart can also come from chronic alcoholism.


On the Sauce – Sauce here typically refers to hard liquor. When someone drinks often and in large amounts, they not only are going to have trouble speaking without slurring, they may also have to deal with the damage that sauce does to organs like the liver and pancreas. The pancreas helps with metabolism of food through the enzymes it distributes and the liver helps with filtering the blood. So, when alcohol is consumed excessively, the pancreas produces an enzyme that is harmful to the body. Ultimately the pancreas stops functioning well and then diabetes and death could be the outcome. The liver also removes the harmful toxins and chemicals from the body. An organ that is known to regenerate itself, the liver can’t stand up to constant alcohol abuse without declining in its functions. That can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, which WebMD indicates will lead to scar tissue that blocks blood flow to this vital organ.


Up to the Gills – Fish breathe through their gills, but humans use their lungs. In recent years it has been discovered that chronic alcoholism does damage to the lungs, leading to pulmonary disease. It has also been reported that some auto accidents involving alcohol result in injury or trauma to the lungs.